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The Foundation of a Home

East African home

On any given day, when you walk into an East African home, you are welcomed with open arms. Mothers will ask you if you are hungry, you might say no, but you will be given food anyways. You might come out that home smelling like incense, coffee, or spices. And more than likely, you will be invited back.

I would like to welcome you to your virtual home. This blog was inspired by the recent (actually very historic) fascination of East African women especially in the hip hop industry. I came across young women identifying with the term East African girl on their social media accounts, quoting artists like Drake and admiring models and women in videos because they too are East African. And I thought but we are more than our looks, why is there a fascination with soft curls and a carmel complexion when that description is only part of our identity and a description of a fraction of our women. Do these young women know the implication behind what they are quoting? What they are praising?*

*East African women in Hip  Hop will be the post following this one

So from that inspiration, came more ideas. We want a place dedicated to all things related to East African women. We have yet to specify the countries we will cover because we expect to work with brilliant women to share with you their views, we are going to make this blog as representative as we can by incorporating bloggers of different backgrounds . We are open to ideas although we will touch upon beauty-philanthropy-conflict-music- change- history- current events in the South and West. all things we feel is relevant at the time to me, to you, to us.

We will have guest bloggers to give a diverse voice to this blog. We will also highlight East African women and girls creating and implementing change in their communities so we can continue to inspire and learn from one another.

So it is my hope that you come into this home we are building. We are the mothers who want to welcome you and place views, ideas, questions on your plate. It is going to be respectful yet fierce, and every opinion will be challenged. Come in, and leave the door open.

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