Mission Statement

To create a comfortable space where human beings can discuss ideas, current events, problems and their solutions in relation to Africa and the African Diaspora, specifically East Africa and East African women.

Vision Statement

To build a virtual home. All are welcome to this home. This is a home where one can exhale, not be judged, and discuss ideas that will advance  human civilization in the direction of love and compassion. This home will be a place where one can intellectually  vent for we are all intellectuals if we are able to think. The rooms of this home have no faces on their walls, the windows will not show any country better than another, one group of people superior than another. This is a place to unify and find solutions to the problems we have created, the problems we perpetuate, the problems we have the power to solve. From East African Women to East African women and all human beings, Welcome home.


One thought on “About

  1. Adrienne says:

    Good work.i can’t be mad at you. Keep up the good work

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